Business Law

Whether you need a contract reviewed, a new company created, you are raising capital, buying or selling your business, or you need a general counsel, O'Brien Law can help with all business matters.

O’Brien Law represents businesses of all sizes. Many of the Firm’s business clients utilize our business knowledge and experience on an ongoing basis and we are often trusted members of our client’s business team from the initial conversation about the idea of starting a business, to forming a new company, to raising investment capital, growing a business, crisis management, selling or planning for the transition of a company and dissolving a company. An overview of some of the business services we can provide are listed below:

Entity Selection and Formation

We seek to fully understand the business objectives of our clients by reviewing their business and capitalization plans and by working with our client’s financial and tax advisors to insure that each new venture has the greatest likelihood of success. We then recommend a form for the new business that will best meet the client’s objectives, whether it is a corporation, limited liability company or a partnership. Not only do we counsel clients in choice of entity decisions, we also draft and file the necessary documents to form and start the business.

Outside General Counsel

We provide outside general counsel services to businesses that do not have in-house counsel, or need supplemental or specific subject-matter knowledge to complement their existing in-house team.  For many businesses, hiring outside general counsel is the most economical way to get the legal help they need. When you contact us, we will help you explore your options and find a solution that matches your goals.

Financing Transactions

We regularly assist companies in borrowing money from lenders. We have the capacity and experience to effectively represent businesses in all aspects of the lending process from introducing companies to a lender who can meet their needs, to assisting companies in structuring the loan, to reviewing and negotiating the loan documents, closing the loan and assisting the company with complying with the loan’s requirements during the life of the financing.

Capital Investment

If your small business is ready to grow and you have investors willing to assist in that growth, you need an attorney who has experience documenting this type of investment in your company. Whether the capital will be in the form of a loan or an equity investment, we can help you structure and document the investment so that you can focus on running and growing your business.

Mergers and Acquisitions

O’Brien Law represents its clients in structuring the purchase or sale of a business. We assist our clients in the negotiation and preparation of all of the agreements needed to properly document and protect our clients in a merger or acquisition transaction. We also actively assist our clients in updating company records to eliminate problems that can arise during the due diligence process.

Company Dissolution

From time to time businesses don’t turn out like we expect or our plans and goals turn in a different direction. If you have a company that needs to be wound down and dissolved, let us help with this process.

Business Succession Planning 

A family or closely held business needs a plan for the future.  O’Brien Law can help you create a clear succession plan and estate plan which can provide future tax savings and ensure the longevity of the business.

Independent Contractor and Consulting Agreements

A consulting agreement may be very specific regarding the terms of the relationship or be somewhat broad and open ended, depending on the wishes of the two parties involved. We can help you prepare and negotiate consulting agreements, independent contractor agreements, and other similar agreements that protect your work and reputation.

Franchise Agreements 

Franchise-type businesses have never been more popular. If you are exploring the franchise option or if you have decided to move forward with becoming a franchise business, O’Brien Law can help you.

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