Real Estate

Buying, Selling and leasing real estate can be a daunting task.  O'Brien Law simplifies this process and is experienced in all aspects of commercial real estate.  O'Brien Law is also able to assist with financing issues and title insurance if necessary.

Title Insurance

Anytime you are buying a property or obtaining a mortgage you will need to obtain a title insurance policy. Title insurance insures a property buyer against all valid claims against title made against the property after the closing. Title insurance assures that your investment in the property is secure and cannot be taken as the result of a claim against the title. Title insurance rates in Pennsylvania are set by the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance and therefore vary little from company to company. The insurance premium is paid once at the property or loan closing and there is no annual renewal payment. O’Brien Law is an Approved Attorney and closing agent for Conestoga Title Insurance Co.

Home Purchases and Sales including “For Sale By Owner” Transactions

Many times, a homeowner or a property buyer wants to sell their property without a realtor. This sounds like a good idea until you have a buyer or want to make an offer on a home. Then what? We are experienced at helping home owners navigate the “for sale by owner” process including completing the Pennsylvania required property disclosure statements, drafting and negotiating the Agreement of Sale, and getting you though the closing.

Commercial Real Estate Closings

Our firm has vast experience representing both buyers and sellers of commercial real estate properties. You can trust that we will be by your side during all stages of your property transaction – from the initial property research, through the purchase offer and terms sheet negotiations, the due diligence collection and analysis phase, the loan acquisition and document negotiation process, and culminating with settlement day, we will be your trusted advisors at every step. Additionally, attorney Michelle O’Brien is an approved title attorney for Conestoga Title Insurance Co.

Easements and Rights of Way

From time to time an electric utility, a neighbor, a tower company or another third party may need access to your property for one reason or another. These types of rights are generally granted through an easement or right of way. We can help you draft and negotiate the easement or right of way documents, make sure the rights granted are no broader than is necessary and help you enforce the terms of the easement if necessary.

Commercial Property Leases

Whether you are the landlord or the tenant, or your space is raw land or a 50-story high-rise office building, we can help you to draft and negotiate the commercial lease that can best suit your unique situation.

Oil and Gas Property Services 

The breadth and depth of our experiences in Pennsylvania oil and gas related matters is significant.   The firm currently represents hundreds of oil and gas landowner clients and we would be proud to represent you.

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